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Wood & Sea Foam Kitchen Revamp

Our repeat clients approached us with a clear need for a kitchen transformation. The existing kitchen and dining room layout felt confined and dated. Their vision was to open up the space and bring in more light, but this was a challenge due to a wall separating the two rooms. We overcame this by removing the walls and replacing a portion of the wall near the back stairs with a more streamlined railing. The heart of the project involved creating an improved kitchen layout, featuring custom cabinets in a refreshing sea foam green with walnut accents. The new design prioritized more counter space and a seamless flow between the kitchen an d the family room. Despite some structural challenges involving beams and window resizing, our solution dramatically improved the openness, storage, and overall functionality of the space.

Working with HDB on our kitchen remodel was a dream. They turned the space into a masterpiece of style and functionality. We're absolutely thrilled with the transformation!

Vintage Vibe Kitchen Remodel Bathroom Highlights

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