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Vintage Vibe Kitchen Remodel

Our clients' kitchen was in need of an update, with numerous issues from inadequate storage to cramped traffic flow. Their vision was clear: an open, vintage-inspired space that incorporated additional counter space. We removed the dividing wall, creating a seamless flow between the kitchen and the den. The centerpiece of the design became a peninsula, offering a space for both food prep and casual seating. The vintage aesthetic was achieved through black shaker cabinets, white woodwork, crystal and brass hardware, and a white beadboard ceiling. The addition of a shallow buffet with a butcher block top and glass-fronted cabinets maximized storage without compromising on style. This updated kitchen now offers a warm, bright, and inviting space that balances modern functionality with a vintage feel.

The final project was not only beautiful but uniquely suited to our family's needs, and the process was as painless as possible. Above all, I trust Dave and his team to deliver a high quality end result.

Patio Upgrade Wood & Sea Foam Kitchen Revamp

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