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Why Design Build.



Before our initial meeting, consider what you'd like to achieve with your remodel and determine your "must-haves" and wish list items. It's the perfect time to discuss your ideas and budget and ask questions.



Once you decide that Hercules Design Build is your remodeling company, we will prepare a design agreement covering the entire design process. Then the fun begins. You'll meet with our design team, discuss your vision for the project, and share any photos and images you have that best illustrate your aesthetic. Our design team will take what you share with them and then get to work surveying your home, fine-tuning ideas, assisting you in selecting materials and finishes, seeking bids for sub-contractors and materials, and procuring all the necessary permits. Along the way, there are several budget checks to make sure we are keeping in line with where project costs need to be.  If it is required to bring the project before the Architectural Review Board, we'll take care of that as well. We work hard to make the process as easy and exciting for you as possible.



When the design of your remodel has been completed to your satisfaction and receives the approval of the municipality where you live, we will finalize construction costs and create a construction agreement. This agreement includes a detailed scope of work, allowances for items that need to be selected, and a payment schedule. After the agreement is signed, our production team will prepare the job site, salvage items marked for reuse, and protect areas impacted by construction. We will monitor our progress, your budget, and all inspections. Once construction starts, we will only finish once we have addressed every detail on the scope of work.



Your remodel is done! We will walk through any final items with you and secure final inspections.  Now it’s time to enjoy your new space! Of course, we hope you are so thrilled you can’t wait to tell all your friends and neighbors that HERCULES DESIGN BUILD did your remodel!

Frequently asked questions

How long will my project take?

The timeline of your remodel depends on multiple factors such as, the size and complexity of the project, the municipality in which you live, and how many other clients we have already booked.  Every client is given a timeline with the construction contract that includes all the major project phases before construction begins; and, while remodeling does require some flexibility, we make every effort to adhere to this timeline.

Why can’t you start my project right away?

We know you're excited to get your project started. We are, too. However, even though we work on several projects simultaneously we are careful not to overload our team so that each project (including yours!) gets the attention they deserve.

Why should I choose a design-build company?

When you choose to design-build, you get the best of all worlds under one roof, from design and drafting to building and billing. That means it's not on you to find your architect and contractor. Our team works collaboratively on your project from start to finish, solving problems creatively, communicating design details clearly, and guiding you to choose finishes and materials that fit your style and budget. Streamlining communication makes the process run more efficiently. It prevents delays and unnecessary costs, and you can enjoy the ease of having only one point of contact. Because, when it comes to construction, surprises are not fun.

How will you make my modern remodel work with my old house?

Few challenges get our creative juices flowing more than increasing the functionality of an older home while preserving its character, integrity, and history. We have extensive experience working on older homes and with municipalities and their respective architectural review boards. Our goal is to make your remodel meet modern comfort, safety, and design standards while staying true to your existing home. We are confident we can create a plan that makes everyone happy.

Do you help us select materials and finishes?

Getting up to speed on the latest materials and finishes takes a lot of work and can be intimidating. Lucky for you, our design contract includes interior design services. So, relax while we put our years of experience to work, helping you select beautiful, functional, and budget-friendly materials and finishes that fit your style.

What if my project goes over budget?

Projects go over budget for many reasons. Most frequently, it's because the client adds extra work to the project's scope later in the process, chooses more expensive options for materials and finishes, or both. Even though we do our best to anticipate all of your expenditures, unforeseen costs can arise due to fluctuating material or subcontractor costs, unknown site or building conditions, and requirements imposed on us by the entities that need to approve the permits. That's why reserving 5% of the project cost to cover these unforeseen issues is a good idea.

We nail your renovation goals.

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