Our process starts with our design philosophy, which of course begins with you.  The most important time spent is the time we spend listening to our client’s needs, wishes, ideas and concerns.  We ask the questions, and most importantly we listen to the answers that will guide us to the best solution for your project.

Every project is a series of choices, and we expertly help our clients navigate and prioritize the sometimes competing wishes, along with the desired budget target to arrive at the most efficient solution possible.  We don’t impose our ideas of what you should want, instead we will give you as much or as little guidance as you may need to arrive at the results that will make your project a success.

If you already have an architect or designer and are just looking for a contractor to complete the construction of your project, we can handle that as well.  We have experience working with other architects and because of our design background, you and your design professional can be assured that Hercules Design Build understands the importance of building true to the design intent because we know that the details make the difference!

We will help guide you in the selection of materials, fixtures, equipment and finishes and provide accurate estimates of job costs.  We then complete any drawings and construction documents that are necessary and handle Architectural Review Board submittal and/or permitting, if required.  Once we have agreed on the project schedule, work can begin.

Remodeling is an inherently messy process, and some projects are dirtier than others so some dust and debris should be expected.  Having said that, we take every measure possible to minimize this mess from migrating into your living space and have a track record of clients that are pleased with how tidy we operate compared with other contractors they may have used.  If there are allergy problems or special sensitivities in your family just let us know and we will plan for extraordinary measures to contain dust and ventilate the space.

There is typically a considerable amount of debris and old fixtures or equipment that is not to be reused.  It is our practice to recycle cardboard packaging, plastics and metals that can be efficiently separated and to reuse materials, such as lumber, that is in good condition.  We also frequently donate serviceable fixtures, cabinets or equipment to Habitat for Humanity so they can be put to good use instead of going to the landfill.